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Open Rye Sandwich: Avacado & Rocket


Such a simple, quick lunch to make, yet one that is bursting full of nutrition!

Traditional rye bread is made using a starter culture which has been given time to ferment. This fermentation process is what promotes the growth of ‘good’ bacteria such as lactobacillus. Its bacteria like this that we should be aiming to eat more of to help top-up our gut flora which (if looked after!) does a great job at keeping ‘bad’ bacteria in check.

Avacado is known for its health benefits…rich in a host of vitamins and minerals and high in omega-3 fatty acids which help to promote a healthy heart and brain function. This unusual fruit is also packed full of fibre to keep the digestive tract running smoothly.

Rocket is a rich source of iron – you can certainly taste it in its punchy flavour! As well as being a high fibre food it is also a great choice for boosting your immune system as it contains plenty of Vitamin C.

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